Purchasing a new piece of equipment is a big investment. Before purchasing, you want to make sure you've explored all options and ultimately invest in something that meets each of your specific needs.

We believe the quality and productivity of our equipment is best expressed by those who benefit from them. That's why we've created the Owners Circle, a place where you can learn first-hand the impact MacDon equipment has on operations around the world.

Owners are talking. We invite you to explore some of their stories or, perhaps even share with us some of your own.

The FlexDraper® is adding value to our precision farming practices. We boosted our combine’s productivity by 17%, and saved three days harvesting time.
– Jake Freestone, Overbury, United Kingdom
We’ve probably doubled our combine’s output in oil seed rape.
– Jeremy Durrant, EW Davies, United Kingdom
There really is nothing out there that can touch the MacDon FlexDraper®.
– Will Goff, Foxburrow Farms, United Kingdom
– Eric Watson, Canterbury, New Zealand
Our combine's capacity is up, and our fuel consumption down with MacDon's FlexDraper
– Rangel Dallazen, Palmeira das Missoes, Brazil

After demoing the FlexDraper we were so impressed we immediately bought one. Compared to other headers on the market it had almost perfect feeding which allowed our combine to thresh much more efficiently. With this header the performance of our combine has increased and we’ve seen our fuel consumption go down.

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We've almost doubled what we can harvest in a day by switching to the FlexDraper®.
– Ignacio Machado Persez, Paysandu, Uruguay

Before we started using MacDon FlexDrapers each of our combines was cutting 185 to 198 acres (75 to 80 hectares) on a good day. But now we’re cutting 334 to 346 acres (135 to 140 hectares) of soybeans on a good day, thanks mostly to their increased capacity. Their improved feeding also allows us to start cutting one hour earlier and go one hour later at night.

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Our MacDon machines are bulletproof.
– Jeff Hoiness, Allan, SK

MacDon swathers and combine drapers are the best machines for our operation, period. Not only do they make us hugely more productive, they let us keep cutting hour after hour without interruption. We just turn the key and go. They’re bulletproof and fun to run. Long days cutting aren’t so long when we’re running MacDon.

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